Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life is grand!

I’m just feeling exceptionally blessed lately. I have an amazing family, and my children make me laugh every day! They are truly a joy to have around, and I’m excited that we are adding another one in February (that’s right, I’m pregnant!) As soon as Jeff figures out how to add pictures to our blog, we’ll post some!


  1. Congrats Becca! We need to all get together and hang out. Lets pick sometime soon!

  2. That's fantastic news!!! When in February are you due? How far along are you? I really don't want to try and do the math on that one.


  3. Congratulations! That's awesome news!

  4. Congrats Becca! I just realized I set my blog private and never got your email address. Send me your email address at amy_juhasz@hotmail.com if you want an invite!

    Congrats again on the pregnancy!